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Airliner Crashes, June 3rd. 1963


"Aircraft disappears from radar" was the headliner that I read on the television screen as a 9 year old. I was watching a local television broadcast that Friday afternoon. The date was June 3rd, 1963. My eyes were now wide open as a tragic event was beginning to unfold that after nearly 55 years, still remains a mystery!

Northwest "Flight 293" crashes into the Ocean with 101 men, women and children aboard a military chartered DC-7 aircraft.

Cause Unknown

What brought down this Airplane? 

This was the headline from the article from  the Smithsonian AIR&SPACE magazine.

In the history of unsolved aviation accidents, the shroud of mystery has most often been the water that covers nearly three quarters of the earths surface. That was the case for Northwest airlines Flight 293 carrying six crew members and 95 passengers. Flight 293 was a charter, transporting soldiers from the various branches of the military, some family members as well as Department of Defense employees. Among the passenger list of casualties was my older brother, Pvt. Bruce R Barrowman.

The flight crashed with minimal wreckage with no bodies recovered and sunk intact. The aircraft now lies in the deep with the exact location charted by the various branches of the service. In the end, the civil Aeronautics Board concluded its inquiry without finding a probable cause.

Ignorance & Apathy?

Simply defined: I don't know and I don't care! That has been the response I have received thus far from various agencies including a formal request to congress. In an attempt to find closure and solve the mystery for Flight 293. I requested that the Various branches of services effected including the Army, recover the craft and return those buried in the deep.  A promised and commitment by the DPMO for active military personnel. The commitment made to leave no man behind was acting defense secretary Robert Gates. Good intention?

Results? Rejected by all parties.

Solution? Reach out to others affected by this tragic event that can at least petition for a Memorial.To those who gave their lives in active service and support on that fatal flight, I am sincerely asking for some resolve not only for my family, but for all of those "other forgotten ones"

Would you be interested in helping solve one of aviations most mysterious mysteries?


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